OB/GYN Providers

Montgomery Women's Health Associates has an experienced medical staff of board certified obstetricians and gynecologists. Our OB/GYN physicians provide patients with compassionate, personalized healthcare. To learn more about our physicians, please click on their name or photo below.

Joe D. McClinton, M.D., Montgomery OB/GYN doctor
Joe D. McClinton, MD
  James R. Dockery, Jr., M.D., Montgomery OB/GYN doctor
James R. Dockery, Jr., MD
  Judi A. Jehle, M.D. Montgomery OB/GYN doctor
Judi A. Jehle, MD
Rebecca S. Miller, M.D., Montgomery OB/GYN doctor
Rebecca S. Miller, MD
  Valerie Waddell, MD
Valerie Waddell, MD
  Katie Carter, CRNP
Katie Carter, CRNP